"Pushes the envelope of what's possible in a temporary space, delivering both impact and an immersive experience that will prove inspirational to the industry and public alike".
Judges' comments, POPAI Awards 2012

"Extraordinary conceptual vision and creativity"
Inca Digital Excellence Awards 2012


Working on the basis of the film's trailer, we decided to create a dark forest as well as the interior of the evil queen's castle with the famous magic mirror on its wall.

The challenge was to create an immersive walk-through experience on a relatively modest budget. Ultimately, the display did include coloured LED lights, a wide-screen television playing the trailer, gobos projecting flying raven silhouettes around the cinema as well as motion-activated sound chips (raven sounds for the forest, a recording of Charlize Theron's "Mirror mirror on the wall..." speech for the castle). But structurally, the whole installation was done using traditional printing techniques and materials mixed with a bit of ingenuity.

For instance, the 9ft tall stand-alone tree seen below is, essentially, made up of relatively simple geometric shapes that are brought to life through the organic textures and ghostly faces printed on them.

The final display is made up of modular elements that work together or on their own, meaning that larger cinemas can put them together into a fully immersive walk-through experience, while smaller cinemas can use fewer elements and create a scaled-down version to suit the space available.

I designed, 3D-modelled, visualised, and art directed the project from start to finish. As the visuals, 3D models and final installation video below demonstrate, the finished display ended up looking more or less exactly as proposed in my original designs. 
Client: Universal Pictures
Agency: Lick Creative
Stand-alone, 9ft tall 3D tree with built-in LED lights
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