The Department for International Trade (DIT) was the part of the British government that promoted UK businesses overseas, whether getting organisations and companies to invest in the UK, or exporting UK goods and services worldwide. 
With international trade being a lot more challenging (that is to say, a shitshow) post Brexit, we need some new friends, sharpish.
Client: The Department for International Trade
Agency: TMW Unlimited
We were tasked with creating 40+ toolkits containing colourful brochures, custom maps, and case studies, showing how a huge variety of British business sectors are delivering world class goods and services, and are ready to do business with the world. 
In a 3 month time frame, we had to:
• Work out the best format to present a large quantity of information.
• Find the best formula for turning supplied facts and figures from a myriad different government departments into a compelling sales narrative, and something one would want to read.
• Create a consistent look and feel that makes the information accessible and attractive while still being serious and professional.
• Devise a design system and templates that are robust enough to allow our team to produce 40+ toolkits in a short amount of time while still being flexible enough to allow for creative, interesting layouts to accommodate varying amounts of text and data.
• Source and curate hundreds of very specific, high quality photos from government image banks and stock libraries.
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