Diageo wanted to persuade retails to make the spirits category in supermarkets easy to navigate and inspiring to time-poor consumers who often opt for the safe choices of what they know already (wine, beer, gin & tonic). Perhaps it would be possible to reach consumers who might be happy to experiment, diversify their drinks cupboard, or upgrade to a more premium brand, if only the category was less confusing and more accessible. 
Our solution was to change the layout of the spirit aisle and divide it into clearly understood sections using colour-coding behind the products and on the shelves so it would be immediately obvious where to find the vodka or the whisky, and which products were more premium than others. "Crave shots" of tasty-looking cocktails, product features and easy-to-follow drinks recipes were used to de-mystify the category and help make the experience smooth and inspiring.
These ideas were then brought to life in realistic and persuasive visuals that clearly demonstrated to retailers how much more accessible the category could be if these simple changes were to be implemented.
 Client: Diageo
Agency: TMW
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